Friday, 29 January 2010

New book now available on Google books

My new book- Social Network Websites, their benefits and risks to schools- a guide for school leaders is now available via Google books meaning you can read a fair bit before you go on to buy a copy. Click here to browse the pages  


Here’s what the twitterati are saying about it.


timsgreenhalghGreat ebook primer from @paulhaigh for school leaders on social networks benefits and risks.

teachexpertiseLearn about the benefits and risks of using social network sites in learning for just £17 with our 'sharable' eBook:

ITsmartieideas for social media in the classroom @olliebray Not ready? Get the basics right first with

karl_goddardjust ordered Paul Haigh's book on social networking

ebookseditora flurry of orders this morning for Most overlooked 'credit card only' so we have to raise lots of invoices now

paulhaigh@andyjb recommends my book on social networking in schools