Saturday, 27 March 2010

Would you like your work or your school to be featured in my new book?

After the successful publication of the short e-book Social Networks, Benefits and Risks to Schools at I am now working on a much longer paper book for them which is going to be marketed as a school leader's resource pack really. It's called 'The ICT Handbook for Schools'.

To make it a bit more interesting and pull in different perspectives I'm looking to add a couple of sections with voluntary contributions from folk reading this.

Firstly I want to put in some interviews with people from the ICT Education Community, whether you are a policy maker or shaper from an Educational Agency, a school leader where ICT is a big part of your vision, a techy who makes it all happen and wants their expertise heard alongside the teachers' ideas or most importantly a classroom practitioner who is making innovative use of ICT that is having an impact on learners in any context I'd love to hear from you. I'll send you an email with questions and you just type your answers and bingo, if it fits what I need I'll publish it and happy to add links to your blogs and sites etc. No promises, editors decision is final etc.

Secondly I want some more case studies of excellent practice other than my own school, if you want to work with me on a case study so your work gets recognised and published please contact me.

Contact me on twitter @paulhaigh or on email