Friday, 11 June 2010

The great mobiles debate at JISC YH

I was honoured to present at JISC Regional Support Centre YH #Active10 conference yesterday and then speak at the debate on use of students’ mobiles in learning, not so much a debate on ‘yes we should or no we shouldn’t’ than ‘yes we should or I’m not so sure’, the debate served well to polarise opinion clearing up the don’t knows with clever use of voting pads before and after and a text wall throughout. Massive win for the ‘yes’ camp I’m proud to say, looks like the 21st century is getting off the group, a decade late. The understanding the students can access a school or college's filtered and monitored wifi safely (for the network) via the firewall with their own devcies certainly won a lot of people over.

You can watch the stream of the debate here