Friday, 10 September 2010

Managing the Integrated Use of the Home and School Technology

Here's a rough outline of a piece of writing I'm working on

'Us to them' How schools can reach out to learners at home/ when out of school

How to use technology to merge the work students do in and out of school

Using a common web based Learning Platform to access work both in and out of school

Giving web access to files and software applications out of school

Making online work a better substitute for face to face teaching and learning through use of multimedia- not just in learning content but in students submission such as uploading multimedia files or better recording sound and video directly into the learning platform

Moving beyond e-learning where students essentially work remotely without a teacher to e-teaching with real time collaboration with teachers over web technology

Enabling peer collaboration through web technology- going beyond home study being essentially a solitary experience to working live with peers through chat, VOIP, video chat and multiple access to files on web apps.

'Them to us' How schools can be more open to the way young people use technology in their own lives

Essentially making the most of the enthusiasm and access to technology that students have out of school that to date most schools have not tapped into and actively discouraged from bringing into school

Letting students use web based software technologies for learning in school they use in home private lives- gaming, social networks, social communication tool- instant messengers, VOIP/ Skype

Letting students use mobile devices for learning in school they own- mobile phones, lap tops, media players, games consoles, cameras etc including Acceptable Use Policies, Wifi set up in school, pedagocial ideas for classroom activities, coping with inequality/ digital divide.