Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Creating a school Facebook page

I get asked how to do this a lot, and I normally just direct people to other blogs- but this one is the best I’ve seen as it’s a step by step video


School Facebook pages are superb for parental engagement- I often find primary schools struggle set up really good, lively, well designed and ‘living web communities’ and even when they do the parents don’t remember to visit them.


Facebook is so much more sensible- to quote Tony Parkin it’s a case of ‘fishing where the fish are’ as the parents are already on Facebook and the school content can find them. It is so good for getting lots of positive news to parents and in emergencies like snow closures it really comes into its own. It can also be a way of driving web traffic into the school web site by making all the news link to the full article on the school web site.


For teaching and learning it needs a bit more thought but I know of several schools now using Facebook as a learning  platform- so it can be done, but don’t have the teachers interacting via their personal Facebook accounts!