Thursday, 9 June 2011

Advice to school staff about Facebook photo recognition

You may have heard in the news about Facebook changing everyone’s privacy settings again without telling you.

This new tool will encourage your friends to tag you in photos, which is a bit of a problem for school staff who will want to keep their photos private as tagging means far more people outside of your network can see pictures of you. If you use Facebook you probably don’t mind people seeing your photos, that just depends how you are pictured, generally though you wouldn’t want the children in school being able to find pictures of you in your private life online and you can stop this through your privacy settings.

If you want to disable this feature so you can keep better control of your image on online then:

Log into Facebook.

In the top-right corner click on Account and go to Privacy Settings.

Click "customise settings" (toward the bottom-middle of your screen).

Look for the section titled "Things others share." The permission you accidentally gave Facebook to use facial recognition suggestions is located in the "Suggest photos of me to friends" option. Click on "Edit Settings" to change that.

Choose "Disabled" and then click "OK."

The risks are not as dramatic as some are making out- for example Facebook will tell you that you’ve been tagged and you can say no and the tool only looks at photos you’ve already been tagged in but as a tool that aims to encourage people to tag you more it is a bit of a problem for school staff who to try to manage their online identities carefully but perhaps have friends not in a job like ours who aren’t so careful with your content.