Thursday, 26 May 2011

Review of my book on Agent4change

Need to know about ICT and learning? Enquire within

'The New Technologies Handbook for Schools' ties future to past for Gerald Haigh a child, I was fascinated by a very thick book of my grandfather’s called Enquire Within Upon Everything, with answers to just about every question you could think of. So comprehensive was it that my Grandma was dubious about my interest – I guess she was suspicious that “Everything” might include, well, “that”. She never interfered though, and nothing remotely approaching “that” was in there.

Why did I think of Grandfather’s book? Because Paul Haigh’s new e-book is, in the nicest possible way, its own sort of Enquire Within Upon Everything, covering as it does just about the entirety of school ICT, from vision to practical reality, and always with a careful eye on the key business of learning.


'The book is visionary but it’s a vision that’s well leavened with reality'


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