Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Our first 10 visualisers arrived...

...and at break time one has already been returned to the staff room by a colleague saying ‘this was left in my room, it’s not mine, I don’t know what it is!’ so I hastily put this together before any more get put in cupboards:

What are they?
From http://www.guardian.co.uk/education/2008/jan/08/link.link16
Visualisers are digital presentation and teaching tools that enable teachers to share a much wider range of information and artefacts with their pupils via their digital projectors. They allow the examination of text, images, artefacts and even living things in visual learning opportunities that users of the old overhead projectors could only dream about.
Essentially, a visualiser is a digital camera on the end of an arm, but it is the controls available via the base unit and/or software that offer so much more. Typically, even on the most basic of small visualisers you are able to zoom in and out, freeze and capture an image then review the image captured.
There are three main modes of operation when using a visualiser:
1. At the simplest level it can be connected to a monitor or digital projector and all the class can see the target object.
2. When connected to a PC that runs visualiser software, more opportunities present themselves, for example slow motion, time-lapse capture, storage and review of any 2D/3D object, split-screen operation and mirrored images, B&W and negative imaging and video casting.
3. If the PC is connected to an interactive whiteboard then annotation over 3D objects becomes possible.

How do teachers use them?

This teachers TV film http://www.teachersmedia.co.uk/videos/visualisers about primary school teachers using visualisers will give you some ideas- you’ll see there’s a lot more to do than just putting a putting a book or newspaper under the camera- although anything small you have only one of that you want the whole class to see is a good start.

Saving the learning experiences as stills or videos to be accessed by students online on Moodle for homework or revision is a great idea- so they can watch demonstrations again for example.

Get some tips from others teachers and share yours here http://www.wallwisher.com/wall/visualisertips and find other ideas here http://www.visualiserforum.co.uk/tag/training/page/2/  

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