Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Twitter for Teachers CPD

Twitter is the source of the most exciting, powerful and engaging Teacher CPD around at the moment. It costs nothing and achieves a great deal. Teachers who use it build a personal learning network of fellow educational professional who they follow and share ideas with. The whole community comes together under the #ukedchat hash tag which is a great way to find the tweeters you need. #ukedchat comes to life every Thursday night with a lively debate from 8pm until 9pm but the tag can be used at any time. Find out more about #ukedchat here


All teachers should use Twitter and I’m pleased to say educational agencies are taking an interest in how tools like twitter and linking in personal blogs and tools like Linked In will help drive up standards in the next few years. It’s certainly a strategy I’ll be promoting in my new role as Director of the Notre Dame High School Teaching School Alliance.


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